Investing in a sustainable future

Our actions today determine the world of tomorrow. That is why we are dedicated to a sustainable future on a corporate level, but we also take concrete steps for the environment, our society, our solutions and our customers.

All these sustainability initiatives are not isolated but are part of our long-term vision for a better world. They are initiated from our own vision and concretised and structured by the European Green Deal and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

We distinguish five categories for all our efforts: business, environment, social, products & solutions and clients.


Prosperity must not come at the expense of the planet or its people. Our activities are therefore characterised by environmentally conscious decisions and ensure that every step of our growth is in line with the principles of ecological balance and social responsibility.

However, our commitment extends far beyond our direct activities. We want to make our entire value chain sustainable. This includes working with partners, suppliers and stakeholders to promote sustainable practices. By incorporating sustainability throughout the value chain, we aim to create a ripple effect and contribute to a positive impact on the environment and society beyond our direct sphere of influence.

Distribution center

In a world where the line between accurate and false information is becoming ever thinner, we want to be a reliable source of information. By educating and informing our customers, employees and consumers, information becomes a catalyst for change. That is why we communicate honestly, comprehensively, and accurately, empowering people to make sustainable choices and create awareness. After all, only with collective efforts from every corner of our society is it possible to build a sustainable future.


The planet is our shared home and we take our responsibilities seriously. We therefore steer our activities towards a future with less impact on the environment and more well-being for all. Our commitment extends across the various facets of our operations. From sustainable sourcing and business processes to reducing waste and promoting eco-friendly solutions. All of them are aimed at becoming carbon neutral and promoting a healthier planet.



By implementing energy-efficient technologies, optimising our logistics and adopting sustainable production practices, we are actively working to minimise our carbon footprint on all operational fronts.

Renewable energy

Renewable energy

We strategically invest in renewable energy sources. In doing so, we look for alternatives to traditional energy and research and implement solar, wind and other renewable technologies to run our operations.

Waste reduction

Waste reduction

Waste reduction, recycling and clean water are crucial for a viable planet. We therefore take stringent measures to prevent pollution and ensure that our processes and products meet the highest environmental standards.

Social initiatives

Outside our walls, we are committed to social initiatives, strengthening local communities and supporting causes that improve lives and our planet. We want to have a positive impact on people's lives and contribute to a sustainable and just society where poverty and inequality are actively addressed and eradicated.

Products & solutions

Our solutions are widely used and many are made to last for decades. We are therefore very aware that our solutions have a large and long-lasting impact on people, animals, and the environment. We therefore strive to develop sustainable products and solutions so that our customers can make healthy and environmentally conscious choices without compromising on quality or performance.

By prioritising quality, waste prevention, circularity, innovation and lower VOCs, we actively contribute to a world where products are not only functional but also consider their environmental footprint. We use recycled resources and materials as much as possible and actively promote circularity in the use of our products wherever possible. We encourage our customers to extend the life of our products, promote a circular economy and reduce the use of polluting or harmful materials.


Healthy and environmentally friendly technologies

Our core technology, MS hybrid polymers, enables us to offer a safe and healthy alternative in the world of adhesives and sealants. Being free of substances such as solvents, phthalates and isocyanates, they are a safe and future-proof solution for end-users.

Also in other solutions, we are always looking for ways to minimise the use of harmful substances and minimise the impact.


For us, true success lies in the satisfaction and success of our customers. A recurring factor since the founding of our company has therefore been placing our customer and its application at the very centre. We immerse ourselves in our customers' practical challenges and goals, tailor our innovations to their specific application and ensure that our solutions meet and even exceed all expectations.

We want our customers to carry out their activities as simply, safely and ergonomically as possible. Besides quality, these are consequently essential factors so that, on one hand, our customers can rest assured of the performance of our solutions, but also perform their work in a safe, healthy and ergonomic way.

By integrating environmentally friendly materials, healthier technologies and sustainable practices, we also empower them to actively contribute to a sustainable future themselves.

Client application

However, we do not limit ourselves to our products and solutions, but go for absolute satisfaction in every aspect. We do not use corporate, cold professional language to sound bigger or more important, but communicate clearly and down-to-earth and with a friendly wink. We involve our clients fully in our processes and actively ask for their feedback.

In addition, we are very transparent and make all possible technical and safety information available at all times. With extensive training, practical demos or support, we ensure the perfect preparation and offer our customers peace of mind.