Our company

Novatech International is an innovative Belgian family company specialised in developing and distributing innovative solutions for adhesives, sealants and surface treatment. Through a hands-on approach, the company is constantly pushing the boundaries by simplifying the work of professionals in various sectors. With a presence in more than 25 countries, it offers its services and solutions through various specialised brands.

Our story

Our story begins in 1978 when Martin Vissers establishes Novatio Belgium, a distributor of products, equipment and tools for the maintenance and repair of buildings, machines and vehicles.

In 1989, Novatech was also founded. Four years later, it had its biggest breakthrough with the launch of the revolutionary product Tec7. A new type of adhesive that could replace all types of other adhesives and sealants with just one product.

Over the years, several specialised corporations were created. Under the guise of simplification, these were merged in 2015 under one 'House of Brands', called Novatech International.

Today, Novatech International is a second-generation family business. Led by Bert Vissers and Marjan Vermeulen, the company acts as the silent force behind strong brands such as Tec7, Novatio, Bike7 and TwinBond.

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House of Brands

Our brands deliver high-quality bonding, sealing, cleaning and surface treatment solutions to professionals and industries. Each specialises in its own field and focuses on making end-user tasks easier.

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Our markets

Our solutions for bonding, sealing, cleaning and surface treatment are used by a wide variety of professionals and industries. Novatech focuses on three different markets.



In the complex world of construction and renovation, Novatech is a beacon of stability. Our adhesives, sealants and cleaning products enable professionals and DIY enthusiasts to perform their construction work easier, faster, safer and healthier.

With a minimum amount of products, we offer a maximum amount of solutions.

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Depending on the end product, production and assembly processes vary enormously and have very specific needs.

In addition to our existing solutions, we also work closely with industrial companies with very specific challenges and develop tailor-made solutions that successfully overcome even the biggest challenges.



From bicycles to heavy-duty vehicles. Our solutions take care of vehicles and facilitate optimal maintenance and sustainable repairs for a long lifespan of any type of vehicle.

From adhesives to cleaners and lubricants to additives, at every stage we offer simplicity and reliability.


Our story began in Belgium, but our borders now extend a lot further. We now call seven countries home. In these locations, our own people are working every day to continue growing our company and simplify people's activities.

In many other countries, we work through targeted partnerships with local distributors who market our solutions through in-depth training and close cooperation.

As a result of this thoughtful approach, we are now present in more than 25 countries.

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Home market

  • BeNeLux

  • France

  • Germany

  • Denmark

  • Finland

Export countries

  • Austria

  • Norway

  • Sweden

  • Ireland

  • Australia

  • South-Korea

  • ...

Our culture

Our commitment to people starts within our company, where we prioritise a culture of collaboration, quality, customer focus and openness.

We value our team as the driving force behind our success and nurture an environment where everyone thrives.

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