Solutions to real-life challenges

It undoubtedly sounds unusual for a company that became big thanks to an all-around adhesive, yet we like movement more than sticking around. We like to challenge the status quo. What is good, we make better. What doesn't exist, we invent. We are limitless in our thinking: no ambition is too big, no idea is too crazy.

Yet we are not inventors who are isolated from the world in search of the newest of the latest. No, we make innovation matter or in other words, we provide solutions that really matter. Not just vague ideas, but tangible products, training courses, customisation, etc., things that help you move forward. Boundless thinking, yet remaining close to daily reality: this is how we innovate.

To make 'We make innovation matter' come true, we need one clear vision, but also maximum freedom of action and trust. We are a family business with a flat decision-making structure and a deep commitment to what we do. A new idea? Try it. Tying knots together? Come in. Fast-paced? Naturally. Developing customisation and training? Sure we can. In-house scientific, practical and production labs? At full speed.


As a pioneer and frontrunner in MS hybrid polymer technology, our job is to ensure that our solutions meet the highest quality standards. We make no compromises in this respect. Thorough R&D and extensive field tests in the most extreme conditions ensure that nothing is left to chance.

Ease of use

Quality does not just involve the performance of a product, it is also about ease of use. When developing our solutions, user-friendliness is an absolute must. Versatility, handling ease and speed of execution are essential factors here.


We strive to carry out our work in the most sustainable way possible, making responsible decisions that enable our people, our planet and our business to succeed in the long term. From product composition to packaging and from distribution to waste management, we carefully examine each and every stage to minimise our environmental and social impact.

Quality labels & certificates

The various quality labels and certificates we have obtained on both company and product levels are a validation that we are on the right path.

It is also a reassurance to our customers and consumers that our solutions are responsibly and ethically developed and manufactured and that we are highly committed to low toxicity, compliance with relevant social and environmental legislation, suitability certification, EMS & OHS compliance and healthy VOC levels.

At the heart of our drive for innovation is a relentless pursuit of superior quality and customer focus. We distinguish ourselves by approaching innovation from a practical perspective, always with our customer and its application at the centre. Our specialised support and training initiatives ensure that our solutions make everything simpler and more efficient, and contribute directly to our customers' success.

From concept to final product and beyond...

We do not limit ourselves to our products alone, but extend innovation throughout the entire value chain. At a technological or product level, but also in the way we produce, market, present or package our solutions and systems or how we practically train and support our customers.

Value chain EN

Custom made solutions

Although our solutions have a huge scope, occasionally there are very specific challenges that require customisation. This is another area where we consistently aim to add value for our customers.

That is why our R&D team gladly accepts the challenge, together with our customers, to find a formula, product, packaging and application method solution for even the most challenging tasks. And if this cannot be achieved with our existing range, we will develop a tailor-made solution based on our in-house expertise.