Sausage packaging reduces waste by 90%

Novatio_Sausage 1

The European construction industry has been making huge strides in recent years in terms of sustainability. A key aspect of this is waste generation. Despite this progress, the construction sector still accounts for up to 35% of total waste production in the EU.

As a prominent player in this sector, Novatech International is taking concrete steps to contribute to reducing waste. Within this framework, it launched its sausage packaging for adhesives and sealants through the Tec7, Novatio and TwinBond brands.

Higher yield

An additional advantage of a sausage is that they are able to be filled completely airtight. This not only ensures a long shelf life, but also prevents premature curing. As a result, the product retains its original quality and you can use the entire contents, whereas with standard cartridges, the product can become stiffer over time or sometimes (hardened) residues are left behind.

Less plastic, less CO2

In terms of waste transport and disposal, sausages have great advantages. A standard cartridge, as already mentioned, always remains the same size. A sausage, on the other hand, is completely compressed after use. As a result, a multitude of sausage foils can be transported and processed at once. To illustrate: One truck of empty cartridges corresponds to barely one pallet of sausage foil packaging. This results in a huge reduction in CO2 emissions.

Compressed packaging