The advantages of MS hybrid polymers

Labo Treksterkte test

Hybrid polymers were developed in Japan in the late 1970s to make buildings more resistant to earthquakes. The combination of high bonding strength and high elasticity mean that hybrid polymers can absorb movement and vibrations, while being strong enough to keep a building straight.

As a result, these unique properties make it an excellent base for elastic adhesives and high-strength sealants. Novatech International introduced one of the first MS hybrid polymer adhesives to the European market in 1993 with Tec7.

Better for health and environment

Besides performance advantages, MS hybrid polymers are also exceptional in terms of ecology and health.

Many of the current generation of silicones are of the neutral-curing oxime type. Those oximes, especially MEK-oxime or MEKO, are chemicals classified as "suspected carcinogen" by the EU since 2020. Professional use of MEKO-containing silicones is therefore restricted and most of them are expected to disappear from the market. There are alternatives such as alkoxy silicones that do not have the health problems of Oximes, but they are often more expensive and not every product is of an equally high quality.

Ms hybrid polymer on stone strip

During the curing process of PU adhesives, diisocyanates are released. Research has shown that these are a cause of a variety of health complaints including asthma. Since August 2023, it is therefore mandatory for professional users of this type of adhesive to take a safety course.

MS hybrid polymers contain no known toxic components such as isocyanates or phthalates. Both during and after use, they produce virtually no emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). High-quality MS hybrid polymer adhesives therefore generally receive the highest indoor air quality classification.

In short, MS hybrid polymers, sourced from reliable manufacturers, are an excellent choice for both sealing and bonding applications. They offer improved adhesion, ease of use, paintability, safety and environmental friendliness.