Novatech International opens new distribution centre in Herentals

Distribution center

Novatech experienced a steady growth over the years, creating the need for a more spacious and strategically designed distribution centre. The previous location in Olen was already becoming too small a few years ago, which led to temporary measures and partial outsourcing to external logistics service providers (3PL), but with an eye on further expansion and more sustainable logistical activities, a new location was also needed that would bring all outbound distribution flows under one roof.

So on 2 January 2024, Novatech International opened the doors of a new distribution centre in Herentals. This new distribution centre now brings all outgoing flows together and offers the ideal environment for further growth with a modern infrastructure.

This investment is part of the further development and optimisation of distribution flows and the reduction of the ecological impact.

In the near future, the warehouse will also be equipped with solar panels, allowing the distribution centre to run on renewable energy.

Investing in sustainable future

In line with Novatech's sustainability efforts, the new distribution centre is another step in reducing its ecological impact. Its strategic location along the motorway shortens transport routes and consequently reduces CO2 emissions. This is not only good for the environment, but also fits within our broader goals of sustainable business.

Our logistical efforts take a big leap forward with this new facility. We are adding extra value to our solutions and services at every stage of the supply chain. The investment in efficient storage and distribution for various GHS goods therefore reflects the commitment to maintaining the highest quality we strive for in every facet of our operations.

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