Novatech develops first sprayable MS hybrid polymer adhesive

Sprayable ms hybrid polymer adhesive header image

In terms of sprayable adhesives and full-surface bonding, contact adhesives and PU adhesives are the most well-known and used adhesive types. Despite their known advantages, they also have some major drawbacks, including health risks, water and temperature resistance, repositionability and so on.

Therefore, many adhesive manufacturers are looking at the MS Hybrid polymer technology as a future-proof alternative, a technology that could potentially address the disadvantages of contact adhesives and PU adhesives, without sacrificing adhesion capacity. But to date, polymers have always proved too viscous to be sprayable.

As an expert in MS Hybrid polymer technology, Novatech has taken a leading role in developing a high-performance solution in recent years.

Ecological impact

SprayTec and SprayBond are an ecological alternative to the well-known, more harmful contact adhesives that contain very high levels of VOCs and hydrocarbon-based solvents, which are still used in large quantities today.

Due to its solvent- isocyanate and phthalate-free composition and the use of more environmentally friendly DME as propellant, SprayTec has no hazards for the user and reduces CO2 impact by 50-60% compared to traditional contact adhesives. This equates to 1.5 to 2 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of sprayable adhesive. Considering more than 1 million tonnes of contact adhesives are used annually in Europe, SprayTec consequently has a significantly lower environmental impact.

Moreover, SprayTec offers a safe and harmless alternative for professional users of sprayable PU adhesives, who are recently required to undergo mandatory safety training due to health risks such as the development of asthma.

Being the first development of a new generation of adhesives in this type of application, Novatech is paving the way for further innovations of safer and more ecological spray adhesives for construction and industry.